PR at Beyond Colour in York

People won't find out about your business unless you tell them and the purpose of PR is to shout about what you offer. The written word is one of the most important factors in any communication you have with your customers, whether it's a one page flyer, a company brochure or a complete website.

Content plays a key role in any marketing campaign as it needs to be written to appeal to your target audience and in such a way as to encourage customers to choose your products or services. From content for email and leaflet campaigns which compel your mailing list to buy from you, to press releases which tell the world about your business, great copy is designed to establish your company's position in the market place and ultimately sell your products or services.

If your website isn't making an impact in the search engines then our copywriters can create optimised website content, including blog posts and articles, to help your website rise up the search engine rankings. Great online content can also tempt your visitors into making a purchase which means you can sell more products or services online and enjoy a healthy increase in your revenue.

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